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Personal loan calculator

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30 april, 2021 - Loan

Need money for home improvements, a new kitchen or debt consolidation? Acquiring a personal loan in the Netherlands is possible. At Postkrediet we provide loans online. We do that on a daily basis for our clients. Our personal loan calculator may be your answer. Our calculator helps you determine monthly payments installments on a loan.

Our handy calculator helps you

Do you want to calculate your personal loan? Then choose our handy calculator on this page. It is important that you enter as much information as possible into the calculator. Apply for your personal loan after calculating the correct or maximum amount. Besides helping determine monthly payments our personal loan calculator does other things. It also calculates the maximum amount you are able to borrow.

Calculate your maximum loan

Calculating your maximum loan is easy and done in no time with our online personal loan calculator developed for this purpose. You need to fill in your income details and that of a possible partner. When calculating your loan, also immediately state your housing costs. This way you know in less than a minute how much money you can borrow. It is an indication of your maximum loan, the next step is to request a no-obligation quote.

Characteristics of the personal loan in The Netherlands

Please find below the characteristics of our personal loan.

  • You borrow a fixed amount once
  • You will receive the loan amount in your account in one go
  • Borrow money at a fixed interest
  • Fixed monthly installment (interest and repayment are fixed)
  • Fixed term
  • You know in advance where you stand
  • Interim repayment is always allowed without penalty

Calculate your loan and apply

Request a no-obligation quote at Postkrediet. We are happy to help. After calculating your maximum loan, you have an idea of ​​how much money you can borrow. The next step is to request a quote. Online, simple and without obligation. After receiving your application, we will start working for you immediately. We look for the most advantageous loans and send you the outcome by email. Then the choice is yours. You have the time and freedom to choose the loan that suits you!



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