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30 april, 2021 - Loan

Borrowing money in The Netherlands can be done online. At Postkrediet you can compare different loans of specialized credit banks. As a consumer in the Netherlands you are able to borrow money at historic low interest rates and favorable conditions. 

Borrow money fast

You quickly fill in a number of details and we will show you the most advantageous loans from different loan providers here in The Netherlands. That is the advantage of borrowing money online: you get to compare different providers easily and without obligation.

You then apply for the loans online and choose the loan that best suits your needs. After the application, the loan must first be approved by the credit bank. If everything is okay, you can take out the loan. It all goes very fast and easy. Usually the whole process takes roughly 3 – 4 days.

Benefits of borrowing online

Benefits of borrowing online are the following:

  • Comparing different loans is easy
  • Online is cheaper because personnel and office costs are lower
  • The application process goes faster
  • We don’t calculate closing or advisory costs

Revolving credit and personal loan

At Postkrediet we make a distinction between a revolving credit and personal loan. Most clients choose the personal loan because of certainty. Please find below the characteristics of both loans. If you are interested in a personal loan then please apply for one. The interest rates are currently at historic lows and a personal loan is the most advantageous way to borrow money online. Our application process for borrowing money here in The Netherlands is fast and easy. It usually only takes a couple of days for the loan to be completed so you are able to enjoy your money.

Personal loan in The Netherlands

  • Fixed interest rate during the loan
  • Fixed monthly period
  • More certainty than the revolving credit
  • Additional repayments are possible without penalty clauses

Revolving credit in The Netherlands

  • Variable interest
  • No fixed loan amount but a credit limit
  • You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn
  • Withdrawing amounts repaid is possible
  • Additional repayments are possible without penalty clauses

Borrowing money works as follows

These are the steps for taking out a loan in The Netherlands

  1. Enter your personal details on the loan application form. In a few steps you indicate what amount you need to borrow. It is to your own advantage to request multiple quotes from us.
  2. You will receive the login details for your personal ‘mijn omgeving’ by e-mail. As a rule, the quotations are ready for you within 2 hours.
  3. Assess the offers in the ‘mijn omgeving’ and make your choice for the loan that suits you best.
  4. After you have made the choice for the preferred loan, you can sign the quote.
  5. You upload the desired documents to ‘mijn omgeving’ so that the application for the mini loan can be assessed.
  6. After checking by Postkrediet and approval from the bank, the money from the loan will be in your account within 2 working days

Borrowing money online at Postkrediet is quite easy. It doesn’t take long and our rates are very favorable because of our low costs. We don’t calculate the regular closing and advisory costs which makes this a very cheap deal for you.

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